The Courts Have Arrived!

I’m excited! While I admit it doesn’t take much to get me excited about squash, this time I have good reason: our squash courts have arrived and are safely located at 100 Pearl Street – our newest FiDi location that is scheduled to open in September 2023. We’re not *quite* ready to put them up yet, but we’re nearly there. One of the most time consuming and difficult things to build when putting a squash center on the 14th floor of a building in Manhattan (or the 5th floor for that matter) are the Jack Slabs – concrete isolation slabs that we put below the courts to ensure that no matter how hard we stomp around the court none of the sound will percolate through the floors to the occupants below. And half of these are now done. For those of you that are construction nerds, check out how clean the lines are on the slabs in the video. That’s difficult to do with concrete – nicely done crew!

And for reference, here’s what 39th street looked like at the same point in time! (You may notice that our video editing skills have improved!)

We’re right on track to open at the end of the summer. And of course, we’re proud, excited and filled with anticipation about adding 8 brand new courts to the community. Stay tuned – more updates coming soon. But until then, remember, don’t boast, just keep it deep.


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