Two unique opportunities to open up access to squash!

The two biggest weeks in squash in NYC are almost here. That’s right: the Tournament of Champions PSA event, combined with the Grand Open amateur tournament, turns January into a simply amazing month for the NYC squash community.

With this as the starting point, the Open Squash team has come up with a way to make this January even more special!

We’ve created two unique, once-in-a-lifetime squash experiences that will get you or your loved one even closer to the action, and even more engaged with squash at the highest level. And it’s all for a great cause: your Junior Scholarship Fund. Starting this morning, these packages are being silent-auctioned (here!), with each package going to the highest bidder. Since we are a 501c3 non-profit, 100% of your bid in excess of fair market value is tax deductible.

Package 1: The Player!

During the ToC, the stands in Grand Central are filled with NYC squash lovers watching our sport played at the highest level. Even with back row seats, the atmosphere is electric. And the closer your seats are to the glass court, the better you can experience the mind-blowing speed and athleticism of the pros.

OK, so can you imagine this speed and athleticism when you are actually on court with the pros while they are playing? If you win the silent auction for one of the four slots for our “Threes Please!” package, then you won’t need to imagine!

This auction is for you (or your loved one) to play threes on the glass court with two of our PSA pros for one 15-minute game. You’ll be able to watch them at full speed against each other, then jump in and play the next point yourself. This event will be held Tuesday, January 17 at 1:00 pm. Bid here!

Package 2: The Spectator!

Watching the ToC live from any seat is awesome. Watching the ToC live from a box seat is even more awesome. Watching the ToC live from a box seat with a PSA pro sitting next to you doing play-by-play, color commentary, and Q&A: EPIC!

That’s right, our PSA colleagues are going to explain everything you ever wanted to know about tactics, strategy, prep, fitness, movement, shot selection, player profiles, etc. etc. as you watch the match. Bonus: you can argue the calls with them as well 😉 Various times are available throughout the week – bid here!

We won’t know who the actual pros are until the day itself – it depends on the ToC draws, results, and playing schedules of the pros. But the group of candidates includes all the Open Squash PSA partners: Ali Farag, Gina Kennedy, Victor Crouin, Haley Mendez, Peter Creed, Nicole Bunyan, and Nathan Lake, so three are top 10 ranked players, and all have a HWR as a top 50 ranked PSA player.

Winning bidders will be notified on January 15th, 2023.

About the Open Squash Junior Scholarship Fund

The Open Squash Junior Academy is now starting its second year, and over 25% of our squash kids receive financial aid or are in scholarship programs. Our juniors get the benefits of squash – improving health, learning sportsmanship, growing friendships, and (potentially) playing college squash – regardless of income level.

All proceeds from these silent auctions go directly into our Junior Scholarship Fund, and 100% of your bid in excess of fair market value is tax-deductible.

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