Open Squash is a community-driven nonprofit organization on a mission: to make squash more accessible to everyone by breaking down traditional barriers to the game. More than 25% of our members benefit from some financial support. We offer income-based discounts and scholarships to ensure that financial constraints don’t stop anyone from enjoying squash.

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Income-Based Discounts for Individual and Family Memberships 

We understand that the cost of membership and training can be a significant barrier to squash for many. That’s why we have an income-based discount program, where memberships and programs are adjusted according to each individual's or family's income level. This flexible pricing structure helps to ensure that squash remains within reach for all members of our community. If your household income is less than $138k per year, you may be eligible.

Student Scholarships

Open Squash offers need-based scholarships to young players who demonstrate exceptional talent and dedication to the game. These scholarships provide the opportunity to get high-quality coaching, participate in competitive tournaments, and access all the resources and facilities that Open Squash has to offer. By investing in these promising individuals, we aim to nurture and develop the next generation of squash players, regardless of their financial background.

Contact us to see if you’re eligible for a discounted membership or scholarship. 

Reach out to our team at Open Squash to see what plan you may be eligible for, and become part of a movement that celebrates diversity, equity, and the joy of squash for everyone!